14 Apr

That hurts my head every time.  I am not a gusher.  Do I love my fiance?  Yes.  Am I practical about his attributes, and lack of some?  Yes.  Buuuuut, since you ask…online *face of shame*

OK, ok, not fair.  I know lots of people, people whom I LOVE who have met online (John and Nellie, who may not read this, are one of my favorite couples).  I just think it is creepy (again, John?  NOT CREEPY.  Amazing man) and lot of others, but…anyway.  So I have my reservations, but let me tell you about my social life.

I work in the theatre (direct, act, sometimes produce).  I can date gay men or actors.  Well, I CAN’T date gay men, so I can date actors.  I don’t want to date actors.  Someone needs to mind the shop, and two artists?  No.  I love my actor friends, but, sometimes, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I WANT TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE.  I don’t go to bars.  I can drink about two drinks before it begins to get funny.  So who am I going to meet and when?  So I decide to suck it up and date online.  I chose OKCupid, because it’s free and when I signed up I was POOOOOR.  I met some people, dated one guy for a while before he broke my heart, but when I picked up the pieces I thought (like the good artist I am), “There’s a STORY in this…bad first dates” because, believe me, I had had some BAD first dates.  So I decided then and there to go on a date with anyone who asked (unless I really thought they were a sociopath).

I did.  And man I got some good writing material.  I also decided that I would probably not meet anyone significant online, and that was fine, but in the meantime I was getting good material and I was getting free food (sometimes) free entertainment (most times) and it wasn’t too bad (all times).

Then someone wrote me a simple message, which I can’t entirely remember, but that I THINK said, “The list of books you read makes me swoon” or something to that effect (he is the romantic one, PS, not me).  Our first date was in my living room (oh STOP, nothing untoward happened) and may be on record as the shortest date in history since I had a terrible sinus infection and the sole purpose of said date was he brought me soup, since I was too ill to make anything and go grocery shopping.  We had Chinese food, watched maybe two episodes of Family Guy, he left and I passed out on the couch with a fever (a real one, not a figurative one).

The rest is mostly history.  We have our bumps.  It’s kind of funny, people see us and think I have to put up with a lot (sometimes he can be rather socially awkward), but I am a WHOLE other handful people don’t see.  Control freak.  Bossy.  Pushy.  Willful.  (I have been called all of those things by people other than him…so we are sure it is true).  He takes it in stride.  Sometimes he tells me to back off.  Mostly he doesn’t care, because control is important to me.  When it’s important to him he pushes back.

So there you have it.  OHMYGOSH!  That’s how we met.


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