The Engagement Ring; or, Rules About Diamonds on My Finger

21 Apr

I have an engagement ring.  It has a diamond.  Until we found a solution, I was opposed to an engagement ring, and certainly a diamond one.

Do you know that the idea that diamonds are rare is completely false?  That the value placed on them was due to FORCING the mines closed?  Diamond engagement rings were rare, because before the late 19th century diamonds were not being mined, and then, for a while, SO MANY diamonds were being mined you may as well have put a river stone in a ring.  Then the British mine owners realized they had to create a monopoly to completely control the trade, and so they did, and created a false supply for demand.  De Beers was born.  It wasn’t until 2000 when the UN investigated that De Beers stopped buying conflict diamonds, not to mention they are trying to relocate indigenous people in Botswana.

It was an ingenious marketing plan that gave us “A Diamond is Forever” (which, PS, has been called the “Most Successful Marketing Slogan of the 20th Century”).

Like I need that kind of shitty karma on my hand.  The idea of paying that kind of money for, essentially, fabricated reasoning is not really my bag.  He wanted me to have a ring.  He thought it should be a diamond.  The first BIG compromise of our relationship.  So, I came up with some rules:
a) It had to be antique,
b) It had to cost below a certain price.
c) Since it had to be antique (see A), we also had to make sure it hadn’t come off the finger of a Holocaust victim, so we had best buy from the Orthodox midtown.

We ended up buying from a Jewish family downtown, but I still feel assured that it was not a war piece.  Not shockingly, with my rules in place it made buying difficult and decidedly UNFUN.  I was almost at the “Just go to Target and get CZ set in silver” point when we ran across this little place called, “HPS Jewelers” and I was in love.  Every piece they had fit the criteria, the people were great…it was amazing.

And my man came home with this:

which isn’t too shabby and looks even more amazing in person.  It’s SHINY! 

So while I still stand by my utter hatred of De Beers and the diamond industry, I discovered that we can both have what we want with a little creative thinking!


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