The Reception Conundrum; or, Do We Have to Have Dancing?

22 Apr

He doesn’t really dance.  I like to dance, but I want to spend time with everyone who comes to the wedding.  Also, there is an event after the wedding, which I don’t want to sit around and be sweaty for.  I was all set to not have dancing, but I received a few complaints.  First of all, it is MY wedding…but…will people be really pissed if we don’t dance?  If there isn’t some raucous house music and a disco ball?

I thought we’d have super loud, interactive games, with good music.  That way people can dance or they can play games!  Get to know the other tables!  I mean, it is an OPEN BAR.

Here are my game ideas:

I just don’t want to feel pressured to be dragged out on the dance floor and miss chatting with friends who have traveled a long way.

Ultimately, it is my wedding.  But for the kind of coin we’re gonna spend, I want my guests to enjoy it.  That said, I also want to enjoy it…what to do?


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