Quick update on addressing the fiance, and other things

26 Apr

The fiance thinks it is creepy when I say “my man”  I agree.  I never say this in real life.  I was using it because…well…I didn’t want to use his name.  I didn’t think he wanted to be known.  But he prefers me use his name instead, so, I will say “Jonathan” instead of “my man”.  His name really is Jonathan.  It’s not in quotes because it is an alias.

PS.  JONATHAN, when we get murdered in the middle of the night for my radical wedding plans by an angry mob from the local church and dress stores, its because your name is on the lease.  And now I used it it public.  Just FYI.

Also, I apologize…sort of.  What the hell kind of apology is that?  I know.  WAIT WAIT.  I have to backtrack.

I don’t self edit my writing.  Mainly because I don’t care.  So I think that some people think I come off as snarky and judgmental.  I will take the snarky and raise you frustrated and angry, but judgmental?  Nope.  Sorry. 

This is my last disclaimer:  I truly, honestly, do not care what anyone else has ever done or will do.  I DO wish I had a million dollars and that I could throw it all to the wedding and not care about Habitat for Humanity or The Race for a Cure. 

This blog is chronicling MY wedding.  I have come up against some rather crappy people who are opposed to the way we will be doing our wedding and this is where I get to bitch about them.  I have been in plenty of lovely, traditional weddings.  I have sung at more than I can count (once I sang right before The Nothing came and almost soaked us all).  My sisters’ got married in white.  My brother’s first wedding was something like 300 guests and 12 attendants…it’s a bit fuzzy, I was 7.  I think people should have/wear/say whatever they want to, and my ire is not at people who do things traditionally at all, but at people who get bitchy with me for NOT being traditional.  It is jsut not my style, and BELIEVE ME, I get that my style is VERY few people’s style.

When Jonathan and I decided to get married…it was a HUGE battle for me not to insist upon eloping.  I think I knew that my wedding planning was going to get under some people’s skin.  And I am sorry that THOSE people are so judgmental.  It’s not me.  I am just tired of the questions, looks and stares (HONEY, again, let’s screw the down payment and take the rest of the money and GO….PLEASE?).

As my good friend Errin said: a wedding is a very personal, intimate, private event between two people that you choose to share communally.  The rest is just a party.

Update and apology concluded.  Back to our regularly scheduled bitching session.  Although tomorrow I think is going to be on money saving ideas.


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