The Dress; or, Scenes from a Cloth Store

26 Apr
The dress I am wearing is a little…complicated.  So I went with my best friend/maid-of-honor/only attendant and the dressmaker, a friend from college.

It was chaos, and lots of fun.  Lauren would ask me something and I would say, “well, what do YOU think?”  I am pretty sure my only contribution that day was convincing Kim (MOH) to wear some sort of gold lame/maroon velor with hot pink fringe.  Seems like a good idea.

Conversation in the car between Kim and me:

Kim: Right, so, I should know…what do I do?  For you as your maid-of-honor?
Me: I don’t know.
Kim: Do you want a wedding shower?
Me: No.
Kim: Do you want a bachelorette party?
Me: No.
Kim: What do I DO then?
Me: Um…well, you’re driving me to Mood.  PS.  This is less about you being my maid-of-honor and more about you being the only person in LA with a car that I know.
Kim: Great.
Me: You can tell people I don’t wanna dance and  to stop asking me at the wedding.
Kim: OK
Me: Oh, and you can hold my non-bouquet, sculpture thingy.

So many colors to choose from!

Sparring with bolts of fabric is not permitted in Mood

I know what it looks like, but I swear Lauren is not trying to choke me with silk chiffon

This thing is big and heavy…do we really need it?  It’s something called “Cotton Shirting”
and apparently it goes under my dress.  Or is the base of my dress.  Cotton.  I can do cotton.

Let’s say we just wrap me in drapery cord.

Fun morning, lots of cloth, more samples than Mood wanted to provide.

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