The Money Saver: Part One: or, Why I Love the Offbreat Bride

27 Apr

Although my friend Sara over at the 2000 Wedding is pretty much my hero, I did give that idea up long ago. 

There are, however, lots of little ways to save money, and those little ways sure do add up!

A friend and I are trying to combine TWO ideas: one is the wedding time share (check out the Offbeat Bride for more info) and the other is funky dishware. 

The idea of a wedding time share is this: why spend hundreds on decorations and dishes etc, when you will only use them for one day?  If you have a friend who lives in the area, and your wedding dates aren’t too far apart, go in on decorations together if you can!  That way, each of you pays half the price.

What we are doing is a little different.  We are going to buy our dishware together.  Oftentimes, caterers don’t provide dishes, or they do for an extra fee.  You have to rent dishes and silverware and…(um, someone outside my window is smoking…in the cold rain) glasses, etc.  But if you BUY your dishes together…yes, I said ‘buy’.  How does that save money?  Go the funky mismatched route from Goodwill/Salvation Army/Craigslist etc!  I have seen some good dishes in all of those places.  Here, in NY, the cost of renting a plate is somewhere around 50 cents a plate.  Even if we pay that per plate at Goodwill, we’re each only paying 25 cents.  PLUS, once your wedding is over, go back and DONATE all those plates again and get a tax break!  The likelihood, though, is that we will pay 30 cents per plate, so 15 cents each, plus the tax break each, and we’ll pay about 10 cents per plate, each.  So we can get 400 plates for $40 (although the tax breaks kicks in later, but you get the gist).

Get funky, fun plates for less than half the cost of a rental!  Do the same for silverware and anything else!  This, of course, is NOT a time saver, but saving money never is, (check out my coupon fanatical friend, Basha) saving money takes TIME.

I admit, I have the luxury of a wedding date that is still over a year away, but I am sure it will creep up on me quickly.

This can even work for those of you who want traditional white, I am sure.  Or even if you want to go more traditional, troll the internets and make sure you buy for less than renting.  Then donate back to a thrift store and you have saved money!

Tomorrow we tackle cheap decorations. 


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