The Money Saver; or, Tips from Theatre Design

28 Apr

I am opposed to fresh flowers.  Just for my wedding.  I have allergies and it makes me sad to see flowers that eventually die, plus they get expensive.

How do you decorate cheaper?  White Christmas lights.  Don’t roll your eyes, I am about to tell you a brilliant trick I learned from Stagecraft 101, one of the many classes I was required to take for my theatre degree.

What are your wedding colors?  Are they colors not usually seen in Christmas lights?  Probably.  Are you a UF fan?  Your colors are blue and orange?  What about those of you who like bright Spring colors?  What to do?

Paint.  Home Depot and Dollar Store Christmas lights.  Find your wedding colors, take those colors to Home Depot, Lowes, etc.  Match your colors to one of the many, MANY colors of paint they have and get a pint of it.  you’ll need to water your paint down, a lot.  And you’ll want to experiment to make sure the light still shines through, but here is how you do it (although, now you can probably guess):
Very, very carefully dip JUST THE BULB in the paint and hang bulb side down to dry.  Drape across old chairs or something.

With a little legwork and some creativity, you can have bulbs in the exact color scheme as your wedding!  How cool is THAT?

In case you were wondering, my second day of class I was assigned to dip 10 strings of light in hot pink watered down paint for “Cabaret”.

That’s my handiwork!
See all those little pink lights?  You too can have hundreds of lights!  Make it a bridesmaids party!

A pint of paint runs $10 and you can pick up strings of lights from the Dollar store for $1.  At that price, you can even afford to screw up a string!


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