The Date; or, One Simple Tip to Cut Costs

29 Apr

Have your wedding on a Thursday.  Not kidding.  For a small event space, that kind of date change can save you over a $1500.  For larger spaces, it can save you $4000+.

This tip is really for people who are on a SUPER tight budget, but I can make the argument that if you aren’t on a super tight budget, and if your family/friends don’t have really rigid schedules, why not do it on a Thursday and save some cash?

I really lobbied for this with our wedding, but my own family would be a problem.  They’re mostly academics and, therefore, a Thursday wedding means not teaching 3 days worth of classes, which is deadly for the non-tenured.  We didn’t go this route, but over and over again I was shocked at how much money we could have saved.

This option may also allow you to have it in a venue you are absolutely in love with, but otherwise may be out of your budget.  What is odd is that, had you asked me if I thought Thursday would be cheaper when we were first looking, I probably would have said yes.  It did not actually occur to me until I saw it on a price sheet breakdown.

“Of COURSE Thursday is cheaper!”  I said that aloud.  At some venues, the price difference was staggering.

I also believe that at the end of the day, people who really want to be there will be there (yes, Thursday may be prohibitive to some).  But with enough notice for your guests, you can have a lovely, cheaper, Thursday evening wedding (and buy all those flower decorations after you read my posts about Christmas Lights and thought, “she is on crack”).


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