The Photos; or, Are You Dying to Know How It Went?

17 May

So much good stuff happened this weekend, which is rather amazing considering how stressed I am about leaving town.  Ugh.

First of all, the engagement shoot on Saturday was So.  Much.  Fun.  Admittedly, I was mostly amused by Jonathan’s utter nervousness.  He was so…terrified of the camera.  It was adorable and funny.  Most of the shots seem to be of us making out because that was the only way I could get him to stop incessantly talking.  The photographer kept telling him to be quiet 🙂

The Free Engagement Day shoot, offered by Christopher Duggan of Threshold Visions was great!  He was kind and helped Jonathan relax (as much as Jonathan was gonna relax).  He made me feel super comfortable.  His make-up artist, Georgi Sandev, was amazing.  I have these terrible bags under my eyes and VOILA!  GONE!

The pics will be up in a few weeks and then it is ANOTHER contest to see if we can win to get an engagement book.  You guys have GOT to see his stuff here.

I am certain, totally certain, that Chris got a few great shots of us.

We got this little goody bag, at the end, with a magazine where Chris’ shots have appeared (a destination wedding to Nigeria that looked AWESOME), a few samples of his prints and…these A.  Maz.  Ing.  cupcakes from Butter Lane.

I cannot WAIT to see the pics!  As soon as we have them, I will post.  Promise.


One Response to “The Photos; or, Are You Dying to Know How It Went?”

  1. Jonathan May 17, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

    in short, i'd rather be shot at with a gun than a camera.

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