The Photo; or, CONTEST AGAIN!

18 May

There are a few things happening here, for those of you who are wondering why the blog has gotten so much more…announce-y.  1) I am announcing things and 2) I am packing to be gone for 5 weeks, so my time is super limited.  But once I get to my destination, I hope to get back on track.

That said, please vote for us to win $10,000 for our wedding and ask your friends and ask THOSE friends.
That link is here:
and you can vote from all of your browsers on your various computers at work and home.

The second contest is here.  I won an engagement photo shoot, and another part of it is that if we win THAT we will get a super nice engagement photo book (it really is very nice). That one you can only vote once from each computer and it is here:

I promise, the anger and snark is not gone, just busy doing something else.  In the meantime, please please PLEASE vote, especially for the first one!


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