The Face; or, Makeup on Your Wedding Day

24 May

Hello to my readers (all 5 of you) from the sunny country of Israel!  The weather is lovely, my jet lag is annoying, the internet is sporadic and nothing gets done on time.  I have been here since Friday and it is mostly a waiting game.  “15 minutes” means 45 to an hour.  “Be there at noon” means 1:30pm, maybe 2.  Sigh.

This is not the point of this post, however, I am just venting a little frustration.

Today we have a guest blogger, a friend of mine from high school, “Too Beautylicious”.  She was always, even in high school, someone who looked good.  Her makeup always looked natural, she was always put together.  As she got into make-up in the theatre world, she really honed her skills and I really respect what she has to share.  So, here is “Too Beautylicious” in her first Guest Post for Strangebride!

Hello ladies!  Thanks to the Disoriented Nomad for inviting me to guest blog!  I’m here to discuss your hair and makeup and etc for your wedding! 
By the way, I’m Too Beautylicious.  I’ve known D.N. since we were 14!  Hello Time Warp and thank you Facebook!  I have my own blog that talks about all things beauty related (see the listing up there on the right!)  So, feel free to drop by and say hey sometime.
Ok, I am going to break my helpful info down into 3 separate blogs and today we will be discussing your makeup for your wedding.   Let’s go…
First and foremost- I am a huge advocate of NOT changing your look drastically for your wedding.  If you are usually a no-frills kind of girl, by all means do not slather on 4 pounds of makeup because that’s what “you’re supposed to do.”  You are going to be looking at these pictures from this day for a long, LONG time.  Do not regret looking the way that you did.  If you remember nothing else, remember that.
Now, I do feel like every bride needs to make an effort on her wedding day to be the best possible version of herself that she can.  See the same reason above regarding the pictures.  That’s where I come in.  If I could, I would come see you all about a month before your wedding for a consult and then again on your wedding day!  But, since that isn’t realistic, I’m gonna do my best to drop some knowledge on you here!
Step one- do your research!  Get an idea in your head of what you want your makeup to look like.  Soft and natural?  Dramatic?  Edgy?  After you have decided that, the important thing is to find a picture that is as close to what you want as possible.  This is where magazines and the internet come in.  Now, most of the brides that I have done their wedding makeup have actually not found the makeup look they want in bridal magazines.  It usually comes from a particular actress or model that they really like.  This is GENIUS.  Thanks to the crazy that is the paparazzi these days, you can pretty much find a zillion pictures of any given actress on any day.  Please keep in mind, though, that just because you want the makeup that a certain actress has on does not mean that you are going to look like that actress! 
Step two- decide if you are going to do your own makeup or if you want someone to do it for you.  If you are a regular makeup wearer and don’t really trust anyone else to do your makeup, then it is perfectly fine to do your makeup on the day of your wedding.  If, however, you don’t normally wear makeup or you feel like you might not do a great job because YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED (insert screaming bridesmaid here), then by all means, get a professional.  Now, I know this blog is about doing a wedding on a budget and the good news is that you can get someone to do your makeup for a pretty reasonable price.  I have always and will always continue to advocate for cosmetology schools.  If you have one in your area, by all means, check it out!  Students are learning techniques and tricks of the trade every day and need real people to practice on!  Most cosmetology schools have an aesthetician program, so there are aspiring makeup artists ready to work on you!  At a ridiculously reduced price, mind you.  Google cosmetology schools in your area and get some info on them- their hours, pricing, etc.  Also, if you know a makeup artist or if a friend knows one, ask how much they charge.  Tell them you’re working within a budget and negotiate.  In this economy, there’s always room for negotiation.
I am not a big fan of just going to a makeup counter and having someone do your face unless it is that you know the person working there or have seen other work they have done.  A cosmetic sales person usually is trying to move product.  So, they are more likely to put stuff on your face that THEY want you to buy, rather than what you want.  Plus, there’s the whole hassle of “Now that I’ve gotten my makeup done, I feel like I have to buy stuff.  How much do I need to buy to be fair?  Etc, etc, etc.” 
If you are planning on doing your makeup yourself, more power to you.  Just make sure that you have plenty of time to do it.  I always like to tell my brides that I like for each thing that I am putting on their face to have time to “settle” before I move onto the next thing. 
Step Three- PRACTICE!  Whether you’re doing it or someone else is, plan on at least one dry run of the makeup application before your ceremony.  The last thing you need is a makeup crisis 2 hours before your ceremony.  I’d say about 2 weeks before the ceremony is a good time to practice.  That way, if you don’t like the way it turns out, you’ve got time to find another look that you like.
Finally- for what actually needs to be on your face.  At the minimum, I would say a tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, mascara (waterproof, please!) a lip color (lipstick, stain or gloss, your choice) and for the love of Pete, make sure your eyebrows are groomed!  I have a makeup line I can definitely recommend to you as well.  It’s called Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F. for short.  They can be found on the web  The reason I am recommending them is not only based on the quality of their products, but because all of their regular line products are only $1.00 each and their Studio Line products are around $3.00 each.  No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Those prices are correct.  Talk about a way to keep your beauty budget in check!  I can even give you a testimonial from a bride who used their products for her beach wedding.  C.K. e-mailed me that she had purchased only E.L.F. products to use for her entire face for her ceremony.  She was not normally a makeup wearer and was a little nervous about applying an entire face of makeup.  She said that she was amazed at how long the products lasted and how she felt like her skin looked amazing all day.  She had already recommended the line to other friends and found herself wearing makeup more often because she liked not only how she looked, but how affordable the line was.
If any of you has any more specific makeup questions for me, you can always e-mail me at or come visit me on my beauty blog.  Next week’s topic- Fabulous Wedding Hair without Romantic Tendrils.  😉

There’s no dollar sign on peace of mind.


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