Wedding Traditions

25 May

I figured that as long as I was spending a month in another country, I may as well take a few posts to talk about other wedding traditions.

Today I want to just talk about one tradition in Israel, which also happens to be the most ANNOYING tradition.  The car.

Arab Israelis (so, I would surmise, Arabs in other parts of the world) LOVE to decorate their cars.  None of this chintzy “tie a few cans to the bumper” bullshit.  Amateurs.  They DECORATE.  See below…(this is not the annoying part, just the weird part).

That is no joke, folks.  And, yes, the driver can only see out that small heart shaped section.  That car is decorated for the more financially endowed bride and groom, but even the poorest will do something like this:

Yep.  Flowers, flowers everywhere.  They do drive it, in case you were wondering.
They do it up.  Check it out!

So, yeah, it’s a driving hazard, but we’re in the Middle East and everyone and everything is a driving hazard.
What’s annoying is the honking.  There may be three, four, five weddings a day on the weekends here and the wedding cars and then the several dozen cars that follow honk.  Incessantly.  All the way from wherever it is that they started, to wherever it is that they end.  Afternoons are like living in the middle of an LA freeway with the honking and the traffic cause by drivers who can’t see (but who cares?  The car looks GREAT!).

However, over here in the Middle East we have tons of other FUN wedding traditions, including the wedding parties that last a week.  More on those later.


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