The Wedding at Cana

27 May

We went to Cana today, on one of the tours.  Cana was the site of Jesus turning the water into wine for the wedding.  I have to drive the van (I swear this does relate to weddings eventually)…this manual transmission van up a gravel path.  I nearly burned out the clutch a few days ago, so I am super excited about driving it up a hill (not really).  We drive to Cana, or Kfar Cana, and then walk.  Up.  A.  Very.  Rocky.  Hill.  Steep.

Right.  Anyway, so I begin to think about having alcohol at weddings.  We plan on it at ours.  Our initial idea was just beer and wine, Jonathan said, “Hard alcohol can get out of control” and I agree.  But our venue actually provides an open bar as part of the cost of the venue.  The last wedding I went to, we bright our own alcohol and spiked our drinks since it was a dry wedding.  Several weddings, and years, ago I drank so much terrible red wine I threw up for a day.  By the end it was just dry heaves, naturally.  Now I want people to enjoy our wedding, so I certainly don’t want to have a dry wedding, but I hope some poor sod does not go home like I did years ago.

I am all for alcohol at weddings, but I do worry a little bit about control.  I think our friends will be fine, but I just don’t want anyone to get too sloshed.

Well, for your enjoyment, here are some pictures of Cana.  Hill from hell.

Looking down the hill after we are halfway up.  See the ancient Arab village walls?

Climbing into an underground series of chambers

Puppies in the caverns.  We did not pet them.  Momma was nearby and they looked terrified.


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