Too Beautylicious Makes a Final Appearance

7 Jun

She’s baaack!  DN was kind enough to let me have one more entry in her blog and I figured I’d cover the last little odds and ends that can sometimes slip your mind before the ceremony. 
1.  Manicure and pedicure- Even if you’re not really a colored fingernails or toenails kind of girl, at least let a pro get rid of those raggedy cuticles and buff your nails.  Inevitably, you are going to have pictures made of your hands, so you don’t want it took look like you just came in from picking crops.  If you are wearing closed toed shoes, you are allowed to skip the pedi.  But for the love of Pete, if your shoes are open toed, get those feet taken care of!!!  If you’re having an evening wedding, get your mani and pedi the morning of.  Tres relaxing.  If you are having a morning or early afternoon wedding, get these services done the day before.  MAKE TIME FOR IT!  This is your day. 
2.  Self or spray tanning- I have never been a big advocate of the spray tan.  It seems like it looks kind of fake on most people.  But, if it is very subtle, it can be pulled off.  Make sure that if you are going the spray tan route, you do a trial run at least 2 weeks before the ceremony.  You might HATE it.  You might want it done differently.  You might want it lighter or darker.  But, you never want to run the risk of it being the day before the wedding and you are either frantically trying to scrub off orange paint or you look at yourself and think “Did they even do anything??”  It’s the same with self tanning.  If you want to take this little endeavor on yourself by using stuff at home, I’d recommend starting this at least a month in advance.  That way you can find the type of self tanner that you like and you can get the color just right. 
3.  Waxing- if you are thinking about getting anything waxed for the big day, this is absolutely something that you need to figure out ahead of time and go talk to the aesthetician about.   Make sure that they do a test patch somewhere that can’t be seen a day or 2 before the actual waxing to make sure you aren’t going to have any kind of a reaction to the wax.  If you pass the allergy test and are going to go ahead with the waxing, make sure that you do it at least 2 days before the ceremony so that there is plenty of time for any inflammation to go away!!
4.  Teeth bleaching-  Crest Whitestrips.  That’s it.  That’s the list.  These things are genius.  And waaaaay more affordable than the bleaching procedure at your dentist.  Take care not too overdo it on the coffee and red wine the week before your wedding so you can keep your teeth in shiny, tip top shape for photos.
4.  Tidbits- Make sure that you have a little bag with some touchup stuff (powder, concealer, lip color, hairspray, etc) to use before the reception.  You will have done the ceremony and probably a good number of pictures, so you’ll want to look fresh for when you see all your peeps at the big party.  Remember- there are going to be pictures taken there, too.  Your maid of honor can be in charge of hanging onto that for you.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water the ENTIRE week before your wedding and exfoliate and moisturize your body so that you are absolutely glowing on your special day. 
Most of all- enjoy it.  Nothing is more beautiful than a truly happy bride. 
Too Beautylicious

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