Let’s Talk Gender Roles

8 Jul

Something has been bothering me lately, been on my mind a LOT.  I posted this article on FB and I didn’t really comment much on it, but I would like to now.

Firstly, here are the links to Savage Love, Strollerderby, and Jezebel who talk about it.  Here is a snippet of what this whole thing is about:

A Florida doctor is dosing pregnant women with an experimental hormone to prevent their daughters from becoming lesbians — and make sure they grow up into wives and mothers.

First of all, the drug is not yet proven to be safe, but hey, let’s kill ’em anyway to avoid any more dykes!  Secondly, lets make SURE our girls are GIRLS.  Mother, wives, subordinate…you know.

I am not going to address the lesbianism, because I think that speaks for itself.  We are tying to ‘cure’ being gay.  That is a whole other thing, but what I want to talk about, which may speak more to those homophobic jackasses is this: not everyone is born to be a mother or wife.  We need balance.

Can we take a look at famous women who are NOT mothers and children and whose lives would probably been forever altered with this drug?

Golda Meir – because, for all you conservative Christians out there who blindly support Israel to force Jesus to come back…we wouldn’t have it without her.  How’s that for a change? 
Mother Teresa – I mean, we certainly need more Upper East Side moms than we need women who care for and help the poor…
Florence Nightingale – Screw nursing.  What do nurses to anyway?
Amelia Earhart – Yeah, she died, so she MIGHT have been a mom.  Really?  Probably not.  How do I know?  Dead at 39.  She wasn’t gonna pop out babies.
Queen Elizabeth I – If anything, she at least gave Dame Judi Dench a good role to play and Cate Blanchett

Let’s go there…let’s talk about actresses you may like:
Cameron Diaz
Katharine Hepburn
Charlize Theron
Penelope Cruz

I also might argue that women who had children later in life, or adopted, might be affected by this little drug.

So, JUST TO MAKE WOMEN WHAT WE THINK THEY SHOULD BE we are happy to eliminate the next great zionist, philanthropist, adventurer, political figure, scientist or entertainer?

How the heck does this fit into wedding blogging?  If my mother had taken that drug, I would not be here.  I am not bisexual or a lesbian…but until I met Jonathan I had no overwhelming desire to be married.  Ever.  Nor to have kids.  As a matter of fact, he is the one with the biological clock, not me.  He cooks, he cleans (more thoroughly).  I do laundry, but if we had laundry in the house, I am sure he would MUCH rather do it, since I wash things rather haphazardly.  I am not domestic.  I never really have been.  He is also more of a nurturer.  I certainly can be, and I do have my moments, but, on the whole, he is more domestic and nurturing.  Let me assure you, he is also very much a man, but neither of us fit into these prescribed gender roles.  I can think of several of my female friends and family members who just can’t be so easily categorized.  Sure, if the test were done maybe none of us would have whatever anomaly that requires the drug, but what the HELL is wrong with people being who they are?

This is what drives me nuts about weddings and what I love about The Offbeat Bride.  Brides can be who they want to be, even if that is a non-traditional bride.  Resources for every kind of bride: the Ren Fair Bride, the Star Trek Bride, the Goth Bride, the Edward Gorey Bride (yeah, it happened)…the possibilities are endless.

Why do brides have to conform, be girly, just because we are supposed to?  Who made that up anyway?

The implications for that drug are terrible and harmful…here’s to hoping she eventually gets her MD license stripped.


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