26 Jul

Jonathan and I have no theme for our wedding.

See these pretty themed weddings at the Offbeat Bride?  Even the less conventional person has a theme.

Maybe your theme is farm/nature:

Maybe you’re a geek and want a sci-fi themed wedding!

Maybe you want a traditional wedding, but with a color theme…

Whatever it is you are doing, I envy you.  We have no theme.  Our ‘Save the Date’ video has been a sci-fi fantasy to a commercial satire.  Our possible invites may be a comic book cover, boxing poster, or run on sentence.  Colors?  HA!

Modern Bride, Martha Stewart, everyone says have a theme.  And it may the one thing I sort of-ish agree with them about…except…

Jonathan and I have a few things in common, but neither of us live in ‘fandom’ of anything enough for that kind of theme, nor do we have the patience required for other themes, plus we’re doing this on the cheap.  So our theme will be…no theme.  Did everyone else have a theme?  I can’t be the ONLY themeless bride…can I?


One Response to “Themes”

  1. Darby Brooks July 28, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    we didn’t have a theme, since we eloped. but had we had a more formal wedding, it would have just been a color theme if we had a theme at all. though we would’ve gotten married at the brooklyn botanic garden and had a brunch reception at lobo, so probably not even the color theme.

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