Until the Decision is Made

11 Aug

I will still blog like we are having a wedding.  We probably won’t cancel, we may just pare down.  I am already exhausted at doing all our work over again, is all.  We’ll lose a deposit and then I have to find a NEW venue and rentals, blah blah.  Our current venue provides us with a LOT.  We get chairs, tables, glasses, staff and alcohol.  We may move it to a Thursday night to save a few grand, I dunno.  Frankly, I have to see the financial package I am gonna get from the grad school.

So, in true Strangebride style, I have entered EVERY ONLINE SWEEPSTAKES known to man (I may even start a separate email address so I can not get spam).  I applied for “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and I told Jonathan he has to take the Jeopardy test.  Tomorrow is a trip to the grants/scholarships section of the New York Public Library for grad school monies.  I also am cashing in bonds my grandma bought me (worth $160 at maturity!  Woo HOOO!).

Here is the real post for today 🙂

I subscribe to “The Knot” or “Wedding Channel” or some shit.  Why?  Because I am 99% certain there will be something for my snarky, sarcastic personality to poke huge fun at.  Because I like to make fun of weddings!  Did ya notice?  But, recently, they have had a spate of REALLY good articles.  Ones that don’t pertain to me, per se, but certainly ones that are useful to the more traditional bride.  I like this one, Big Wedding Mistakes that Cost $.  There really are things I never thought about!  I never thought about the cost of choosing out of season flowers.  Yes, it makes total sense, but I am the person who buys whatever flowers I would like, never thinking that if it is not bloom time, my tab is gonna be huge.

Jonathan and I were not gonna have a gift registry, then it was just gonna be for charity, but my sister told me that some people like to give THINGS and if you don’t register for THINGS, you’ll get a hundred crystal vases.  Well that is #9 on this list and makes total sense.  In reading the article, I am pleased at the realistic approach to things and saddened by the lack of fodder for me to shred.

Can’t have everything.


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