GAH! So much to catch up on!

13 Sep

I suck.  I have been so busy since the anniversary party.

I had to have a piece of my head removed 🙂

It looks like this:
Check for basal cell carcinoma people. #skincancer #sunscreen... on Twitpic

So I got the stitches out, YAY!  And then I had to sit down and make our wedding websites.  Yeah, there are two because there is an actual WEDDING in NYC and just a reception in Fl.  And the one in NYC is gonna be awesome and fun (provided I don’t have a nervous breakdown) and I didn’t want to rub it in anyone’s face that they couldn’t come to New York.

The good news is that Jonathan and I have split the tasks so I feel less like the only one working.  This has been a difficuolt point for me because I don’t work.  I freelance and Jonathan pulls in all the income.  So I feel like I should do the bulk of the planning EXCEPT, recite it with me now, ya’ll, I don’t WANT to have a wedding.  HE wants to have one, but doesn’t have to plan it while I would MUCH rather elope, but I am stuck planning it.

Oh well.  Anyway, I’ll post the sites tomorrow!  They look good and our save the date wedding video is AWESOME!


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