Website and thyroid update

20 Sep

So, I had my first personal training session today.  HOLY CRAP I am out of shape.  I knew I was, and I am certainly not going to use my thyroid as an excuse…but have very low metabolism has taken a MUCH larger toll on my body than I could have ever imagined.  I hired a personal trainer to a) help motivate me and b) mix up my workouts.  I am really glad I did.  He decided to focus mostly on cardio, JUST to get my heart in better shape.  Weight training comes next.  Wanna know something funny about me?  I can’t jump rope.  Well, I CAN just OVER a rope, and if you, just two of my readers, were to rotate the rope, I am a jump rose MASTER.  I cannot, however, hold my own rope and jump over it.  I never learned as a kid, and I gave it a concerted effort a few years ago as an adult, but I can’t do it.  I could learn, I am sure, if I did it for an hour every day…but I’d just rather do jumping jacks instead.

So…a few weeks ago I had a meltdown (are you noticing a trend?).  As you all know by now, or you haven’t been reading, I want to elope, Jonathan doesn’t blah blah.  But Jonathan has a real job and that leaves me to do most of the planning.  When I realized what all little details had to be done.  I.  Freaked.  Out.

Thank GOD for Google Docs.  Not kidding.  This is not some sort of Google Docs commercial (although I swear by them for collaborative documents).  Jonathan and I made a to do list with dates.  We assigned ourselves to various tasks, added notes and VOILA!  Something we can BOTH access.  It saved my sanity and it saved Jonathan from having me throw bottle at his head.

But the lingering project is our website.  Our website, our Save the Date video…both are done.  Both are semi-live, but a) do we put the ENTIRE website up now?  Or wait? b) do we put the video on the site?  Leave it on Vimeo?  After a week of reformatting, re-encoding, re…everything, I have taken a break.  I will deal with the video tomorrow.  Today I refuse.

But, in all seriousness, what do I do?  I shouldn’t have RSVPs this early, I know.  What about the registry?  Someone is throwing us a shower in Fl in Dec, so it needs to be up by then.  Since we have out of town people coming, what about hotels?  What SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be live?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?


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