Themes and CAKE

22 Sep

Our theme IS Cake.

I blogged about this before: how I can’t abide the idea of themes, etc.  Jonathan and I were looking for a through-line (theatre speak for “theme).  I generally find his music too noisy.  He finds mine too mellow.  We both like CAKE.

Not CAKE (although we do eat cake):


Interestingly, this gives us a color scheme (for table flowers) and invitation fonts and style as well as website style.  It was sort of accidental.  We did want something that could be carried through so everything wasn’t so haphazard.  We even bought CAKE concert t-shirts when we went last week…which will probably appear at some point during the wedding festivities.

In my dreams, CAKE would play at our wedding.  I mean, our Save the Date Video is to “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” and we blatantly ripped off the “Comfort Eagle” CD cover for our wedding invites.  We’re even thinking of having a seedling per table for a few guests to take home and plant in honor of CAKE.

CAKE, if you’re reading this, want to play at our wedding?  We’re not your BIGGEST fans, but we are certainly fans.  We own every album and yours is pretty much the only music that plays when we are together.  You are our common denominator.  Have your people call…well, me.  I have no people.


One Response to “Themes and CAKE”

  1. Stacey September 22, 2010 at 8:04 pm #

    When my cousin got married about 6 years ago, they played “Never There” for the cake cutting. Perhaps that song had special significance for them, but it seemed like a poor choice when you look beyond the first few lines of lyrics.

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