The Thing I Look Foward To

29 Sep

I bitch about having a wedding a lot…mostly because I do think it is a hassle and waste of time and money.  But there is one thing I am looking forward to doing at a wedding which we couldn’t really do eloping…

Walking down the aisle to see Jonathan.  I’ll cry.  Like an idiot.  Oh, I’ll weep and weep and probably hyperventilate.  And I am genuinely looking forward to it.

See, here’s the thing, when Jonathan and I meet somewhere…say, the Time Warner Center to go to Borders or grab dinner at Whole Foods or whatever, I usually get there first and wait around.  I stand and look and when I see him, when I catch that first glimpse of him…I break into a HUGE smile.  That is saying something because I am a naturally simley person.  I smile about a lot of things.  I am inherently happy (I know, you doubt me because mostly I moan, groan, complain and curse in my blog posts, but I do it here so I can smile on the other side).

Jonathan walking into a room makes me smile.  Even if he looks annoyed or pissed or hot and harried…which is how he usually looks.  Those things don’t matter.  When I see him I smile.

So I will look forward to walking down the aisle

(or whatever we will have on the beach, minus the mariachi) so when I see him, I can smile.


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