Dancing with Maria

30 Sep

This is a slight deviation, but relevant.

I went to USF in Tampa.  We had an amazing dance department and there I, briefly, met Maria (who also writes this blog about motherhood and adoption and being a Westchester mom without being a WESTCHESTER MOM).  Fast forward to a few years ago, when Maria is putting on this great piece called “Eye Candy”

Here are some glimpses:


She asked me to be involved, I thought she was going to say as an AD of the piece (it has actors!), but NO, she asked me to be IN IT!  W00T!

It’s HARD, man.  I don’t dance.  I mean, I can, I used to teach salsa for my good friend Erika, but this is TOTALLY different.  SO remember when I was complaining about weight and then my hypothyroid and all that?  Maria is going to, inadvertently, whip my ass into shape for my life.  Dude, its like THREE HOURS of cardio.  Not to mention my sadist Personal Trainer:

(Who is actually really good).  So I may be physically and emotionally ready for a family in, like, 4 years!  HAHA!

But, anyway, for those of you around, you should come see Eye Candy.  We’re gonna get it up for the month of Feb, I am so excited!  We are also going to try to tour Florida, so let me know if your dance/theatre dept wants to invite us!


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