Our Superhero Powers: DOMESTICITY

18 Oct

I’m not a domestic person.  A homebody, yes, domestic, not really.  I don’t know if Jonathan considered himself domestic before we met or not.  I do know that he certainly is now…and so am I.  We have discovered that we can cook amazing meals at home for rather cheap, due to the abundant fresh veg choices at Manhattan Fruit Exchange and our Fruit CSA.  Add in cheap, good meats from Fairway and we are set!

This weekend was a baking and cooking extravaganza.  Let us start with the bread Jonathan made:

Raw ingredients

We may have let that rise too long

soooooooo yummy

I decided to make more plum jam, and also made a quince/pear/cinnamon with tart cherry juice jam:

plums cooking down

pear, quince and water

mash it up

quince, pear tart cherry stomp and cinnamon

plums and cinnamon

The quince jam is actually very light and will probably live its life as a compliment to pork rather than as a jam.  The plum jam is rockin’.

Our crowning achievement was a lamb loin chop with poached quince in a pan balsamic sauce.  To that I also added tart cherry stomp, courtesy of our fruit CSA.  Actually, ALL of our fruit is courtesy of our fruit CSA, Red Jacket Orchards.

The lamb, from Dickinson’s Farm Stand in Chelsea Market, the quince, from Red Jacket, and the herbs, from Manhattan Fruit Exchange were…unreal.    Not to mention the Fairway Aged Balsamic.

But I won’t show you pictures (and the recipe) of that until tomorrow…gotta keep you coming back somehow!


2 Responses to “Our Superhero Powers: DOMESTICITY”

  1. Kimmie D October 19, 2010 at 12:09 am #

    You’re totally catering my wedding.

  2. Jonathan October 19, 2010 at 1:57 am #

    I have always been rather domestic. I’m just not necessarily a homebody.

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