The Devil is in the Details

1 Nov

Our wedding is set…with broad strokes.  Now we are down to more detail things.

Like this:

The thing is, every single one of these items actually has 12 little ones attached.  And each one also requires about a bajillion online forms.  Today is: find hotels for out of town guests.  Which means an online form to each hotel I like, but I don’t want a big annoying chain…so what else can I find?

Plus I have to find a place for my family: 9 adults, 3 kids, one baby.  It would be nice if they could all stay near each other.  SO far, the only returned email I have received is one in which the sender did not READ my email.  I will say, it is easy to eliminate paces because of carelessness or stupidity.  I can’t work overtime because someone on the other end screws up.

Plus, how many of Jonathan’s out-of-town friends have friends in New York with whom they will stay?  How many of my friends will procrastinate getting the hotel?  I need, at last count, 19 rooms, but I bet I will end up needing closer to 5.

Someone shoot me.


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