So, As Usual, Costs are Coming Out of Nowhere

8 Nov

I swear, Jonathan may manage to marry me, but I’ll be dead the day after.  Then again, it is VERY possible I will put a gun to my head the week before.

We decided to get married in New York because a) getting married in Fl would mean we could not do what we wanted and b)Jonathan’s parents are dirt poor so we’d have to fly them down there and pay for their hotel.

But neither of us thought of MY family.  Everyone is an academic.  Everyone.  So my brother and his wife and their child have to buy three plane tickets and stay in NYC hotels?  What about my sister, her husband, and their TWO kids?  My brother writes me and asks if I know of any places he and his wife and kid can stay.  Because they’re looking at a grand for plane fare.  My sister?  Coming from CA.

So now, we are going to have to fork over for hotels.  DON’T YOU FUCKING TELL ME THIS HAPPENS ONCE IN A LIFETIME AND IT IS ONLY MONEY.  Go to hell.

We DON’T have the money for this.  We NEVER did.  We are using Jonathan’s work bonus.

I hate hate HATE wedding planning.  With every fiber of my being.  And I am being held hostage by our friends and family.  And today, today I HATE ALL OF YOU.




3 Responses to “So, As Usual, Costs are Coming Out of Nowhere”

  1. Anne Lossing November 8, 2010 at 10:12 pm #

    You know, you could write an incredible book about all this and recoup all your expenses. You definitely have the writing ability and style! And there seems to be no shortage of great material. (I sympathize with all my heart, by the way … and if it comes down to it, please choose Vegas over death),

    • Dana Brooks November 8, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

      I agree with Anne. Especially about eloping over death.

  2. Stormy November 9, 2010 at 3:03 am #

    JoJo – why don’t you just have it on Utube and everyone can see it from their own state (of being). Then have a reception in NY with your friends and Jonathon’s family. Then you two fly down to FL for another party. There ya go, problem solved! 🙂

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