Why is Money so…Moneylike?

3 Jan

“Why is Money so…Moneylike?” This was in a note I had to write in a really painful email to a good friend whose show I had to pull out of.  She is a wonderful dancer and choreographer with a great company and a beautiful show…and I am broke.  I had been rehearsing, working my butt off…in some cases literally.  Working with other gorgeous and talented dancers, but money woes came out of left field for us.

We base our lives on past finances.  I mean, that’s even how we do estimated taxes in the real world.  We DO have contingencies, but when our estimates are much less than we expected or we have huge financial expenses that we did not account for, well…

Anyway, since we now are really doing this wedding, since there are people with plane tickets and hotel reservations and other things, we are in it.  But this means that certain finances are committed and we have less money to work with than we thought AND we had some other financial burdens show up.

So I had to drop out of the show.  I just got off the phone with Maria, a person so full of grace and joy I cannot sing her praises enough.  And I know she is so terribly disappointed and sad and now stressed.  I am also stressed…I would like to be in the show…I would LOVE to be in the show, but I have GOT to work.  I just have to.

So, for the 10 of you who read my blog, please PLEASE donate, even $5 to her show.  I will be there as many nights as I can.  Maybe, one day, she’ll work with me again.  (find Maria Colaco Dance in the drop down box).

Seriously.  $5.


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