Sometimes Life is Just Shooting Yourself in the Foot

5 Jan

Well…I took SO LONG trying to decide if I could actually do a wedding, so long fighting with myself…that my dressmaker can no longer do my dress.


So…there you have it.  She designed it and made a mock-up/pattern (albeit not in my size) for which I am happily going to pay her, but now I need to decide if I want to find someone here in NYC to take over or if I want to just buy one off the rack.

The other thing is that the dress I wanted was expensive, so I offered her half of that to make one.  Now, after I pay her for the mock-up, I am realizing that I need to scale down on the dress.  But I really hate David’s Bridal and I don’t want to wear some POS piece of white satin crap that everyone else does (sorry for those of you who wore one).

Here are a few I like:

But I am really in love with the dress I chose.  As I see it, I only have a few weeks to find someone who can make it or I have to find a Plan B…I don’t currently have a Plan B.  I also am supposed to be writing out graduate school fellowship applications this week.

I need…more hours in the day than can possibly exist.


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