Did We Fail Pre-Marital Counseling?

18 Feb

We were kicked out…sort of.

We went to our appt.  I was under the impression that we would have a lovely chat, he would tell us some stuff and we’d come back.

Not so much.

Jonathan and I met up in the waiting room, had a regular conversation as we would do, walked into the office, he hung up our coats, and then we sat.  The counselor looked dubious and said, “Is there a problem that brings you here today?”  I told him that we had been mandated by our minister to come to Pre-Marital Counseling.  “Yes, but WHY,” he asked.  “You don’t just show up in counseling if there isn’t a problem.  Does he think there is a problem?”  He doesn’t he just wants us to do it.  We went back and forth over this.  He finally said, “Are you fighting, do you have a problem?”  Nope.  Not really.

We hash most of our fights out in about 30 minutes, we know where we are on kids, finances, religion, career, etc.  As a matter of fact, before Jonathan proposed we sat down again and talked through ALL OF IT again.  I asked, for the UMPTEENTH time, if he would be ok if we did not have kids.  I can’t guarantee kids.  If he MUST be a father, he mind find another woman.  Nope.  Not an issue.

We talk.  About everything.  All the time.  And then we talk about it again.

“I don’t see any need for you to be here.  You shouldn’t be here just because someone WANTS you to.  You can maybe take a pre-marriage course, but you’re not having issues and I don’t see why you’re here”

OK, wanna get lunch instead?


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