Best Advice I Have Received So Far

21 Feb

About a year ago, Elena directed me in a play.  She is like me: a type A director, highly organized, control freak, perfectionist.  I love her.  LOVE HER.

She told me that wedding planning was the worst year of her life, that it was when she and Justin fought the most, that it stressed her, had her in tears, screaming…just like me.  So when she told me she had some advice, I KNEW I was going to take it.

First of all, hire a Stage Manager.  We are in the theater, so we don’t need a “wedding planner” the day of, per se, we just need to get a list of stuff that has to be done to an organized person (ie Stage Manager) and let them loose.  Any Stage Manager worth their salt will be able to do a wedding with no questions asked.  They are about as complicated as any shows and, in many cases, far LESS complicated than calling a show with 300 lighting cues, 200 video cues and 100 sound cues.  So I hired Laura, who stage managed Abby and June.  I already know she is capable, calm and ready to go.  Love her love her LOVE HER.  And it will be the best $200 I will spend.

The other wisdom I received from Elena, passed down from another bride, was to make sure someone paid attention to the following list:

  1. have someone bring you and your groom a plate of food at least TWICE during the events, even if all they do is put it near you and you pick at it
  2. have someone monitor your water intake and make sure there is some nearby at all times
  3. take 2 moments during the event to be TOTALLY ALONE with your groom, to breathe, relax and smile
  4. Make sure someone monitors how you look, especially if you are spending thousands on a wedding photographer, so have someone who will be nearby with lipstick and touch ups so that money is not wasted on a shiny face or smeared lips

I know I can’t take care of every eventuality, but I can have someone in place to worry about it for me, and that’s all I need.


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