Shoot! It has been so long!

14 Mar

Sorry guys, it is tax season which means I spend an inordinate amount of time at work.

Jonathan has been lovely about this.  Last weekend, I suddenly had to work on Sunday, all day, so I formatted the labels, fixed the invite and printed it and then on Sunday Jonathan put the whole thing together.

He did more than that.  See, weekends are our “chore” times.  Vacuuming, laundry, dusting, cleaning the kitchen, making food for the week.  Last weekend was no different, except we did some on Saturday and planned to do the rest on Sunday.  If I don’t BUILD IN relaxing time, Jonathan will strive to complete his 10 page to do list in one afternoon.  Damn, I mean, I swear there are things on there to do for when we have KIDS, which aren’t even a real thought in my head.  So I planned in some relaxing time on Sat, I met some friends around 5 and then we met up to meet different friends for dinner around 7:30.  But all this was planned and then on Fri night I found out I had to work Sun.  Cancelling was not an option, I won’t sacrifice my already suffering social life.  And I won’t pull Jonathan into my endless work day.

So last weekend, in addition to his own chores (vacuuming, clean kitchen, etc) Jonathan had to: assemble and mail invitations, make a pot of chicken soup for ME for lunches, do laundry (poor man HATES laundry), clean the Cat Genie (our automatic cat litterbox…which is AWESOME) and a myriad other chores.

Aside from totally finishing the laundry, which I did when I got home (he did several loads) he did it all with the help of his friend, Heather.

Teamwork.  Marriage is teamwork, people.  Well, not all marriages are teamwork and some people prefer it that way, but OUR marriage (well, soon-to-be) is teamwork.

He’s a gem.  A big ol’ goofy gem (he’s not really goofy).


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