I Joined Nutrisystem…For Realz

16 Mar

This is not a crazy Bride thing.  Jonathan’s presence is my life has totally altered the way I eat.  Not for the worst (although I could argue that with the weight gain), but certainly in ways my body is unaccustomed to.

During tax season, when I work at a tax office, I work 1pm-9pm (often 10) and one day on the weekend.  This means my lunch and dinner are eaten at work.  I tried planning my meals for a week, but with wedding stuff and cramming in chiro, pre-marital counseling, and anything else I can before work, I am shit outa luck for any real planning.  So decided to do Nutrisystem.  It’s funny, I do eat very healthy, but I can totally see where this is going to work.

I always used to eat savory stuff for breakfast, all savory, no carbs, and save carbs for dinner (Jonathan like to make pasts or rice or couscous to accompany dinner).  I also tended to eat all of my fruit late in the day.  Nurtisystem feeds me carbs/sugar in the AM, and slowly phases it out throughout the day so by dinner I am having meat/veggie and maybe a small whole what carby portion.

I’ve only been doing it for two days, but I have noticed already that I tend to be less tired at lunch.  Although I never really “carb loaded” at lunch, I guess whatever soup or something I ate was always making me sleepy.

Plus they’re smart, and it feels like you are constantly eating.  And it is SO EASY.  I have NO time to think about food during this kind of work, none at all, and I am tired of my weekend being a race to make soup for a week.  Jonathan steams me fresh veggies, makes me a salad and the rest (apples, cheese, and meals) I dump in a bag. It takes me 2 minutes to prep my lunch and dinner.

I should’ve done it earlier, like last year, but better late than never.


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