Things Are Going Sort of Swimmingly

23 Mar

I still have no dress. I still don’t know if the designer will make me one. But, whatever. I stopped caring sometime in Jan. I can go to David’s Bridal, buy a blue bridesmaid dress and call it a day if I have to.

We have most of our stuff and my aunt gave us some money for the wedding, so we are being helped a little. This weekend we have to send out the ADDITIONAL invitations for the Florida reception. There is a large part of me that wishes I had just done the whole thing in Fl, let my mom do it how she wanted, in the church and in the church reception hall and, like Pilate, washed my hands of the whole god forsaken mess. But I didn’t. So here we are.

My brother is going to sing, which is nice, but we have no one who can play the guitar for him (we can’t lug a piano to the park) so he has to go it alone. He will be fine acapella, he has a beautiful voice, but I know he’d rather have accompaniment. Such is life.

We have readers, sort of, but nothing to read. Planning the ceremony is gonna be annoying. The rehearsal for it has to be in the middle of the day.

All we are at are the little details. The problem for me is work. Lots of work. Six days a week of work. Sometimes more. Poor Jonathan, we make a list of shit to do and then, poof, I am at work for 8 hours on a Sat and he has to go it alone.

We are a team, but I still feel bad I have to leave it all to him.

Anyhow, I think this weekend is free and clear for me, so we’ll see what we get done. We have tickets to see Beautiful Burnout at St. Anns on Sat…here’s to hoping Sunday can be lazy.


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