Just About a Month to Go

28 Mar

We had another argument last week.

It’s not really Jonathan’s fault, not REALLY.  I mean, I did finally acquiesce to this wedding shit, but this dress drama has me all stressed and pissed.  As I pointed out to him, I wouldn’t have to FIND a dress if he hadn’t been so damn myopic about having a WEDDING.  I told him if I end up wearing jeans, he can take his stupid $500 suit right back to where he bought it, because he’ll be wearing jeans too.

I spent all weekend trying to come up with a dress plan.  See, here’s where I got myself in trouble: it never, truly, never occurred to me that I need 5-6 weeks lead time on a dress.  I had this designer who was gonna do it (I mean, post all the other dress drama), but she got busy, I thought it would be no biggie to wait, she got busier, I finally decided to look online, see about express shipping…yeah, well, they can SHIP in 3 days, but it takes several weeks to MAKE IT.  Oh.  It’s a damn dress, why is it so complicated?

Could I go to David’s Bridal?  Sure, but, honestly, I have never ever seen a woman larger than a size 10 who looks NOT FAT in white satin.  I mean, hello, white makes things look bigger?  Add to that the satin drawing attention to, well, the fact that you’re not thin and…you look like a rather large white blob.  Even when I see the plus sized models wear those dresses I think…wow, she is probably not nearly as fat as she looks.  Seriously.  I don’t care who you are, white makes people look fat.  Why would you want to look FATTER on your wedding day?  So, since I am not a size 10, David’s Bridal will not do.  At all.  I won’t be one of those women who does not know what I look like in a wedding dress.  I don’t want to look back years later and think, “Dear GOD, why didn’t someone tell me I looked like the Great White Whale?”

Anyway, so we totally had it out, again.  Well, not “we”, mostly me.  Wedding planning and decision making has been nothing but utter hell from day 1.  Add to that, all my family and close friends don’t live in town, so I am a one woman machine.  Jonathan HAS been helpful, he has, but we dress shop together.  Poor dude may have to go with me to David’s Bridal next weekend (to look at prom dresses).  Jonathan is my maid of honor.

But we’re here.  A month out, and this event isn’t going anywhere.  I tell you, though, no more big events for me ever again.  No more birthdays (I never really celebrate mine anyway), no more anniversaries, baby showers…won’t bother.

The good news is I got my ring.  This is it:

And we found our vows (standard ones…do you?  do you?  good, kiss).

If I can just figure out a dress this week, I won’t be a stress ball.  HA!  Well, I won’t be AS stressed.

I cannot wait for this to be over.


2 Responses to “Just About a Month to Go”

  1. Stacey March 28, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    Ignoring that my sister tied my dress a little too tight in the back, I definitely looked less fat in my wedding dress than any other outfit I own.

    Anyway, I thought you were looking at their not-bride dresses?

    • Stacey March 28, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

      Ah, I missed that part 🙂

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