21 Apr

Well, you can’t really, because Jonathan reads my blog, so I am instead posting photos of my designer’s dog.

But I WILL say that, so far, it looks great, and I will do a post after my wedding with the dress in various stages.

Mickey with Amanda.  He is so cute!

Mickey decided that he MUST chew everything in the studio

Mickey loves me.  He also farts a lot.  Puppy farts.


One Response to “LOOK AT MY DRESS!!! LOOK AT MY DRESS!!!”

  1. Sarah Marks May 7, 2011 at 1:53 am #

    Well, can I please have Mickie? Is Mickie’s dad your dress designer?
    Your web site, Strange Bride, Strange Wedding, has been a gift to us. Your frustrations and your expressions of them have sure held the interest. I don’t figure there’s been another bride that put more work into her wedding than you. Such a woman of passion you are, Joanna.
    Here’s to seeing you both in one week.
    The period right before the wedding sounds like pure hell. Talk about an unlucky streak. I would have felt jinxed and not trusted a single thing to go right. Did your voice go schrill? Striped naked with anxiety? I want to love again, and do, but you have convinced me that a marriage ceremony is for others. You deserve a medal of valour. Hope Jonathan has a sense of all you’ve been through and not just shell shock from all the resultant emotional run-off. He’s a prince. I know he hung in there with you. You told us so!
    Happy Merry-age to you.


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