It’s just past our Quarterversary!

17 Aug

I may have made that word up.  I did spend some time quizzing my dad on the proper word though, so I may have it right.

I want to continue to write this blog, but so much has happened!  Let’s do this the super short way:

May: short honeymoon, go to Fl to see parents and have second reception, come to NYC continue to work at tax firm

June: Do not get major Fellowship at school, have a meltdown (Jonathan calls it “my process”), get a NEW job that pays much more and has more hours, go to Texas to see my Aunt.

July/August: work new job (although I wonder if main boss is batshit crazy), go to Fl for 2.5 weeks to clean closets for parents,  drive back to NYC, work for one week, walk out…

Yeah, did you catch that last sentence fragment?  I walked out.  Last Friday.  Let me break it down for you.  I have been lucky in my life to have worked with at least 5 narcissistic bosses. Three I reported to directly (I am counting this last one) and two I rarely saw, yet the organizations I was in felt the pain.  Of those 5, 2 worked in PR, one in interior design, one for a non-profit and one was in a church (and, therefore, another non0profit).  Of these 5, all have been “victims” of everyone else’s bad decisions and 4 were vicious (one was not vicious, she was constantly crying).

When I started my new job, this particular person had some terrifying qualities that were remarkably similar to the last narcissist I worked for (that one effectively fired me for having the flu).  I wasn’t entirely coherent as to why she was freaking me out and Jonathan thought I was over reacting.  Given that I wasn’t giving him much info to work with, I decided he was right.  At the time, I was being trained by someone.  This person I would later deduce was leaving the company.  Fine.  I trained under him, we hammered out a contract for my work that would mesh with my grad school and I went to Florida.  While I left, one person just walked out of the office.  This behavior was not entirely dissimilar from the Finance Manager, who had walked out of the office never to return in early April.

I keep thinking that I am simply suffering from a sort of work PTSD, and I figure I can plow through.  When I get back to work this past Monday, I can already tell it is going to be hell, but I know that all I have to do is wait for the new Finance Manager to come be my buffer.  Monday and Tuesday are hell on wheels, Wednesday is a little better, Thursday has me rather trepidacious, but I figure I am just getting more and more anxious.  Friday starts off poorly, and just gets worse.  The problem is that I work in Quickbooks and the woman running the company has no idea how Quickbooks works and she has no idea how to read a QB report or analyze QB data.  But she THINKS she does and so she assumes that I am stupid and that the other guy who works remotely is senile.  I spend hours upon hours on the phone with her, trying to explain the way it all works, and nothing I say will convince her otherwise.  We finally get the outside accounting firm on the phone, the one we use, and after she belittles me on the phone with the firm, she tells the firm to train me.  I call the firm back without her on the line and receive a HUGE apology.  They know I can do my job, they know I have the skills, they can tell I am talented…but the reason she has an outside firm is because the company is a revolving door of people.  Some she keeps on by throwing TONS of money at them (half our staff is hugely overpaid), others walk out because the money is not worth is insanity.

On Friday I called Jonathan a million times, each time asking if we would be ok if I quit, but each time maintaining that I just needed to wait for the new Finance Manager.  On Friday at 5pm I walked into the SVP’s office and said, “I will not be returning on Monday” and that was it.  It was so terrifying, but it was such a relief.

I come to find out the new Finance Manager probably won’t last.  She actually has no knowledge of QB so she cannot run any of the reports that are required.  She is also very “nice” and will never be able to stand up to the company owner.

Talk about dodging a bullet.  So I may stay unemployed until grad school starts to see if I can even begin to work while in school, or I may just look for occasional bookkeeping work.

Anyone know of anything?


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