Honeymoon Planning

18 Aug

As many, if not all, of you know, Jonathan and I decided to postpone our honeymoon.  Firstly, because where we wanted to go would be too expensive during May, and secondly because we knew from many many married friends that honeymoons right after weddings usually consist of just very expensive naps.  My brother-in-law had the flu most of his honeymoon and my sister was totally exhausted, and that is just one story.

For our mini-moon, that is, the three days after our wedding, we went to little Cape May, NJ and did, mostly, nothing.  It was lovely, short and just a nice little recovery.

Our honeymoon is gonna be EPIC.

We decided to take it in Dec/Jan for cost reasons, I also have that whole month off of grad school, and no place in Italy is as cold as NY is, so the weather is not ideal, but we can totally handle it.  (by “we” I mean “I”)  This trip just keeps getting better and better, though.  I have a very good friend, a mentor, someone who has taught me so much about my craft and he was rather devastated he could not make it to the wedding.  So before we go to Italy, we are going to go to his house in the Pyrenees!  Then, someone I know in Germany offhandedly invited us to come visit, I had told them we would stop by after Xmas, they said that a) they had no family coming for Christmas and b) the markets were so beautiful beforehand so…we’re going to Germany for Christmas!

I JUST bought tickets yesterday: we leave for Suttgart on Dec 21, get there the 22 and spend until the 26 or 27 with the Thompsons.  Then we take a train through Paris (we MAY spend the night in Paris) and on to Toulouse to be picked up by Jon and Francis for out little sojourn in the Pyrenees.  THEN, around Jan 2, we finally go to Turin, spend a week there in either this apartment:  http://tinyurl.com/3padr69

or this one: http://tinyurl.com/3tkezoh

and on to the Rome area where we will stay in a place in between Rome and Florence OR stay with a friend on her Olive Tree Farm – at any rate, if we don’t stay with her Jonathan will go down and watch olives being pressed into olive oil.

It will be amazing. We are both so excited!  I have never been to Germany before, but have been to Italy and France a few times.  WHEE!


One Response to “Honeymoon Planning”

  1. Erin August 19, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    Sounds like an excellent trip! I was in Stuttgart for the first time last summer visiting friends and we had a great time. I’m jealous you’ll be there for the gluwein and Xmas markets (although we did get the enjoy the biergartens). One thing we did was stop at Baden Baden for a night the day we flew in. It was a really nice way to get in, chill and recover from the jet lag.


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