Unconventional Honeymoon Planning

19 Aug

I understand that along with wedding planning, a bride and groom just do not have the time nor energy to do honeymoon planning, so they get a service to do it.  I get that, but if you take a later honeymoon, or just really plan well, you can save so much money!

Granted, we have friends we can stay with in some places, but, if we were to book this through a service, we’d pay $5200 total.  Not too bad, right?  But that is ONLY for Venice and Paris, according to Europe Destinations.  Jonathan and I are at $4500, and we’re headed to Stuttgart, Toulouse, Turin and Milan, and everything and anything between Rome and Florence.  Also, we are staying in apartments which we found using Home Away so our food costs will be MUCH less than 3 meals a day out at cafes and restaurants.  What happens if I let  Europe Destinations book me for all those places?  Suddenly, it is $8000, again, food purchased for 3 meals a day for 2 people.

Looking at Unforgettable Honeymoons, you still only get 7 days for $1500 per person, flight not included to 2 places only…before taxes and fees.

I get that DIY honeymoon planning isn’t for everyone, and when I was traveling Europe a decade ago and a lot of stuff was not on the Internet, it was MUCH harder.  But looky here, some easy sites to use to help you plan for yourself:

Kayak – which aggregates all kinds of airfare prices, you don’t book through them and you can do a flexible date search, easy.
Home Away – apartment rentals in a ton of European Cities, so you can cook and relax in a home, not a hotel
VRBO – same as above
Air B&B – does something similar, but often rents rooms within already occupied apartments
 Trip Advisor – is a great place to do some research and find what you want to do and where

Finally, hit up a bookstore, buy a Lonely Planet or Rough Guide, which offer ideas for all kinds of budgets.

Finally, don’t fall victim to stereotypes and be adventurous,  I have never ever had a problem with the French.  They are lovely people, solicitous and kind…and I was IN Paris.  Same goes for Italians and the Spanish…look going someplace new can be scary, but with the kind of Globalization going on today a) someone will speak your language and b) someone will help you out.  Be brave, have fun and SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY by doing it on your own.


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