Wedding Registry Goof

25 Aug

So we had two registries, one for charity (we raised over $1000!) and one for our honeymoon.  Along the way, I made one at Williams-Sonoma, because if you made a registry for them, they entered you into a drawing to win $5000, or win some items on your registry, etc.  It was a fake registry.  I never told anyone we had it, as a matter of fact, I made the items on it SO EXPENSIVE surely no one would ever buy us anything on it, right?  But then I went back and added cheaper ones.  It was our “dream kitchen item” registry, but we didn’t need it and it was totally fake.

We just got a gift from it.  A gift we have to return because we don’t bake…ever…and we don’t have room.  And I feel TERRIBLE about it.  How was it found?  Did someone just guess?  Google?  It was a red herring, a total red herring, and this lovely couple poured through it (probably wondered what would possess us to register for the ENTIRE All-Clad set for $850) and chose something.

I feel like Such.  An.  Ass.  Although it is also really freaking funny…I mean, our registry is on our webpage, on the invitations, etc…

Ah well.  So this large lovely unopened box sits in our kitchen, waiting to be returned.  If only they had purchased us the pasta maker attachment instead, that would have come in handy.


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