Marriage is Awesome

21 Sep

Jonathan may yet be able to convince me to have kids.  Why?  I sit around and READ all day and he does ALL THE CLEANING AND COOKING!

Granted, I am reading for grad school.  Like…150 pages for one class kind of reading, but, seriously, if I never have to actually do any real child rearing work, I’ll have all the babies that man wants.

On a more serious note, it’s a bit of a struggle for me.  I mean, let’s be honest, I pretty well hate cleaning and doing laundry, but we have our roles well streamlined.  I hate to vacuum so he does it.  I would rather mop, so I do.  He hates cleaning the bathroom, I hate it less, so I do it.  He cleans the kitchen (because he makes the mess in the kitchen).  I do the laundry.  Grad school is changing all that.  Work and school and an independent study means the only entire day I have off is Monday.  Every other day is either work or work/class or work/independent study or just independent study.  This means my weekends are spent from Noon to 5 or 6 at school and my week is, well, a regular week of 12 hour days.

Jonathan has been amazing.  The other day I was reading, had been for 3 hours or so, and I fell asleep sitting up on the couch.  He started to clean in another room so as not to disturb my nap.  I mean, for REALZ.  It’s like being in a TV marriage where everyone is so nice!  (well, at least one person (him) is nice).

So listen up ladies!  Find a man, marry him, then go to grad school to avoid chores.  WORKS LIKE A CHARM.


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