Sucking Up

27 Sep

I have always been a pretty good student, and I try not to be a know-it-all.  There is still something in me that scorns those who constantly answer questions in school and who always “participate” but now, now I am in grad school.  Now 80% of my grade is a paper or presentation and 20% is how friggin often I raise my hand.

It’s a game changer.  I may not always have something to say, but when I do I will certainly say it.  I’ll use Blackboard to email my colleagues useful info.  They may think I am a suck-up, but there is no other grade in an MA program except an ‘A’, so, hells yeah, I am willing to come across as a suck-up.

Grad school is fascinating.  The work is, by far, not more difficult.  It is, however, a marathon of work.  I had been told this by several people, and it rings true.  I don’t have harder work, I have SO MUCH MORE work.  150 pages here, an edited video there, 15 hours of working Shakespeare with undergrads there, plus additional small group meetings.

I really thought that the work itself would be much more difficult, and it may be in, say, the hard sciences, but mostly it’s just a) time managent b) learning to live on less sleep and c) eating while you walk from one class to the next.  All of which falls under Time management.

Those are my thoughts today.


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