For a Brief Second I Was a Future PhD Student

10 Oct

I was on NYU’s website yesterday, contemplating my academics (which I do, pretty much, all day) looking at programs.  I am always second guessing my MA, mostly because it isn’t an MFA and thereby limits my ability to teach (or rather, become tenured).  At this moment in time, I have no desire to be a professor, but I don’t want to close down any options.  My decision to go to Gallatin took a while and I thought about it a lot, but, ultimately, I think I made a good choice.

So I noticed the PhD in Performance Studies.  It would allow me to continue my education, and allow me to teach, if I wanted.

The only caveat: I am not willing, at this point, to do an additional 4 years of school.  However, the program allows you to transfer in credit, reducing your course load!  So far, it only seems to allow it from different universities, booo.  Then, I thought, “What if they let me overlap my final MA year and my first PhD year?”  Answer?  No.

So, most likely no PhD for me.  Maybe in the future, but not now.  I just can’t get my MA and look down the barrel of 4 more school years.  NOW, if they let me transfer some courses…we can begin to think on it again.  I can do many more Performancey type classes during my MA (which I intend to do anyway) and transfer those, reducing my PhD load.  I think they’d be up for it, if only because PhD students get FULL tuition remittance AND a 30k stipend, so they’d save money if I was in school for less time.

We’ll see.


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