Call Me Romantic

13 Oct

Call me romantic, and you’ll be mostly wrong.

I don’t like Valentine’s Day.  I told Jonathan that even BEFORE we got married I wasn’t too keen on weddings, then I planned one and now I hate them.  Weddings don’t make me cry, newborns look creepy and you are far more likely to find me watching “Aliens vs Predators Part 45” before I’ll be watching “Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have a new RomCom Part 8”

And I thought I was weird.  Then I read The Bloggess.  She’s like ME!  Only famous and with a book deal.

So, I wanted to share with you the gifts I bought Jonathan for our first Valentine’s Day.  I gave him a card, and then I gave him some lovely giftcards, all from Pretty Bitter.


The card I gave him

The charming stationary I bought him

So don’t say I am not romantic and sentimental.  He’s a LUKCY MAN.


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