Stuttgart is SO FUN!

23 Dec

We arrived yesterday.  I was shattered because I normally sleep so well the plane, but, unfortunately, my neck was killing me.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not get comfortable without searing pain from my neck to my shoulder.  I ended up staying awake for all but about 45 minutes of the 6.5 hour flight.  I.  Was.  Miserable.  Jonathan, ironically, slept.  Not well, but he managed to get about 4 hours.  Granted, he had only 3.5 the night before.  We got to Berlin for our connecting flight and I just KNEW that Berlin Tetel would be like Heathrow and I could find a corner and nap for a few hours.  Nope.  It was more like…St. Maarten or Orly – cement and hard plastic chairs.  We got on the connecting flight and I passed out for a half hour.

Craig met us and we took a lovely short train ride to the apartment.  Craig and Carol’s apartment is lovely and homey and has a bathroom worthy of a Dubai 5 star hotel.  Toilet!  Deep bathtub!  Separate shower!  Bidet!  URINAL!  For real!

Here are the first photos!

Stuttgart Market

We took a luxurious 3 hour nap and then Carol took us to the Stuttgart market.  Oh it was so lovely.  We had gleuvien (I have no idea how to spell that), which is warmed wine with some spices.  We ate bratwusrt and little sandwiches.  We wandered and saw gorgeous home made hand crafts, lovely jewelry and scarves.  There was a mens chorus and a carousel and a ferris wheel for the kids.  It was really so lovely

Today we woke up late and I luxuriated in this amazing bath.  Then we hopped over to another little town called Esslingen, which was largely not bombed out in WWII.  It is mostly medieval and also really beautiful.  The market there is more fun, apparently, but was shutting down.  We then came back to Stuttgart and had some good Vietnamese food (yes, for real!) and wandered the market again, but bought some gifts this time.

We also went into this great International Food Hall.  Tomorrow should be laaaaaaazy days!


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  1. Michael Hunter December 23, 2011 at 9:42 pm #

    The link for the photo’s isn’t working.

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