Christmas in Stuttgart

27 Dec

Oh so lovely.  So very lovely.

Well, almost.

Before we had arrived, Carol contracted a terrible, albeit short, stomach flu.  Craig had it the day we arrived.  My poor Jonathan got it Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve was a day of relaxation and, in my case, a day of waiting around.  We were all sure I’d fall, sure I’d begin the vomiting and fever process.  Luckily, I never succumbed.  I attribute this to the fact that my boss in NYC had a terrible stomach flu before I left, so I must have been exposed to it.  I never got his either and probably have the antibodies.  Or it could be, as someone pointed out, that I have traveled so much that I have seen all the stomach bugs and am my own walking petri-dish.  Whatever the case, Jonathan was only really ill on Christmas Eve, leaving a glorious Christmas Day.

When we woke up, Craig and Carol were already making bacon and eggs and yummy toast.  Jonathan had purchased a perfect Ciabatta on Dec 23rd at the International Market.  It made delicious toast.  Then Craig and Carol and I (well, mostly Craig and Carol) made Christmas Dinner.  Turkey and green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy.  It was excellent.  The rest of the day was spent by the fire, reading, chatting, exchanging silly YouTube videos, drinking wine – it was just perfect.

The next morning we were all rather surprised I was walking and decided I must have not caught the bug.  Jonathan and Craig went to the Mercedes Benz museum and Carol and I stayed home.  I napped (there was a lot of Proseco and Orange Juice for breakfast) and then did laundry.  The guys got home and Craig grilled us these lovely steaks that he and Carol had dry aged themselves.

We were sad to leave them, this morning.  We have enjoyed their company, as well as the cuddly and furry company of two Siberian cats, this holiday season.  Jonathan’s illness was much easier to handle in the comfortable home of friends.

We are on the TGV off to Paris for a few days.  Jonathan made a list of sights, but I mostly think he wants to eat croissants for 3 days.  Who can blame him?


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