Abstinence is Forever? Buh-bye Caffiene…

12 Apr

So when I had mentioned my new food change to one of my sisters, she said something about not wanting to diet and she just needed to get off her ass.

This is not a diet.  This is a permanent change of diet.  Also, although Jonathan still sometimes has carbs (he makes them when I am not home) if we have kids, we will have to be utterly and completely carb free. Why?  I am 99% sure I get this gene from my dad’s side of the family which is replete with obesity.  It is likely my kids will have it too.  I cannot cripple them by setting them up for health failure.

Anyhow, I am not on the South Beach or the Atkins, I am on the “Dr Prescribed Permanent Life Change” and I have made a few additional choices.

Initially, I thought, ok, I can get white spelt flour and make things I like!  I can STILL make Challah and cupcakes and stuff (using ZSweet), but, ultimately, spelt, while a very complex carb, is STILL a carb.  So I decided that I will use spelt when I need to bake, but I won’t do it often (bake) and I won’t substitute sugar.  I will still decide to have pasta (even made with spelt) very little, I will still generally avoid all of it.  Rarely will I indulge and only when it is spelt.

Sugar…I don’t mind ZSweet, but my guru (I am now calling her my guru, that’s right, hands off get your OWN damn guru) says this about ZSweet: “Zsweet: main ingredient is erythritol; a sugar-alcohol. is similar in behavior to mannitol which is often found in gum when aspartame isn’t present. chemistry in a lab says different than sugar. chemistry in the body says possibly different than sugar, depends on things like quantity, other food it is eaten and digested with concurrently, and individual profile. Instinct says don’t go too crazy. If you need a sweetener for something, generally natural is better then synthesized since your body has more pathways available to digest it. Probably less effect on blood than regular sugar, but might do any number of unknown things like damage your kidneys. definitely digestible by bacteria in your intestines, might make you gassy might give you diarrhea. Caution = good.”  Until more research is done, I think I will generally avoid.

So this leads to my next, necessary thing I’m giving up:

Caffeine.  Oh dear Jesus this is gonna suck suck SUCK.  I have done this before, and the headaches are immediate and painful.  Suckage.  But here is the deal: I love my tea, but I only want it with sugar and half and half.  It is a genuine pleasure, drinking it like this, and drinking it with whole cream and ZSweet isn’t cutting it.  I now make iced tea at work and use Equal, which I am not supposed to, and tea has now simply become a caffeine medium, not a drinking pleasure.  So since I mostly use sugar for tea and since I also mostly bought the ZSweet for tea and since there isn’t enough ZSweet research and I cannot go back to sugar, ever, regularly…I will give up tea.  I’d rather not, but, again, in the mornings I barely have time to enjoy it and I don’t anymore.

Here’s the deal with carbs and sugar, I will list my entirely carb free food consumption thus far, and you can see the carbs I naturally get!  Why do I need to add?  Here ya go:
You may not be able to tell what is happening, but without eating any “carbs” at all, I am already getting 86 grams of carbs.  (Not entirely sure the calculations are correct).  Why do I need more?  That’s 33% of a “balanced diet” which means it is probably just right.  Dinner will most likely be grilled chicken and zucchini.  Zucchini adds 9 more grams of carbs.

Anyway, I guess it might be time for a general paradigm shift.  Like I have said before, I don’t really entirely buy Paleo (although, hysterically, my body is telling me otherwise) but I do totally buy the fructose argument from Dr Robert Lusting.  Over the past year alone all of the studies that have come out about remaining sedentary and sitting and heart disease – we are evolving beyond our own body.  Our lifestyle does not match what we are created to do and neither does our food consumption.

I wasn’t planning on making this some sort of blog about weight loss, (10 lbs in 2 weeks – yikes), but I do think I will begin to post recipes and document my journey.  I still don’t feel awesome.  I think I occasionally manage to get sugar or carbs somehow, despite my best efforts.  Also, although my acid reflux went bye bye almost immediately, it is now back and I cannot track why (I eat in SUPER small portions), but I refuse to get on the medication again.

So I guess this is part of what I will do now.  I am traveling a LOT this summer, which will test my ability to continue my diet with foreign foods and in a foreign grocery store. Germany – I hate bratwurst…so this should be fun.  Italy – pizza made from chickpea flour anyone? Dublin – Can I get that NOT fried?   Wish me luck.

Also, my guru says NO SUPPLEMENTS.  “Vitamins should be handled carefully, especially multivitamins cause they aren’t very well balanced and don’t digest great. Find a whole-plant based vitamin powder, mix it with something, drink it. Hold you nose. OR find “petit” pre-natal vitamins and take those a few times a week. That’s it. No more supplements unless you add a refrigerated omega oil like flax seed. Udo’s is good and actually tasty.”

Seriously, step off, get your own guru.  This one is mine.  Back the hell up.


One Response to “Abstinence is Forever? Buh-bye Caffiene…”

  1. Erica Houck Young April 13, 2012 at 12:13 am #

    You can do it. If I can give up bacon and cheddarwurst, you can do this.

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