When They Say Intensive, They Are Not Kidding

1 Jun

Not that I figured they were – but HOLY CRAP.  4.5 hours of language learning per day only in German. My brain hurts so much.  SO MUCH.  To top it off, the woman from Japan and the dude from Mexico and the chick from the Ukraine don’t speak any English – so communication with them is in our terrible German.  So we can only really ask each other names/places and age.

I sit next to a guy who has the advantage, because he is already bi-lingual.  Possibly tri-lingual.  I only feel better about myself because my pronunciation is better than his.  He is from Italy and doesn’t make the guttural R.  Also, oddly, he is a friend of a friend.  The odds on that are super slim, trust me.

Let’s see – I basically go every day to the Insitut, have my ass handed to me, come home, study and pass out.  I did meet a woman from NYC who teaches at McCallister.  She is a prof in Lit but really teaches performance art.  We plan to see some plays together.

Right now, life is pretty mundane.  I am getting used to Berlin, which is quickly becoming my favorite European city.  It is tied with Paris for now.  London would have to be a distant fifth (only because the Brits are so fun – I really have little affinity for London).

I love the grocery stores here.  The variety is intense!  And CHEAP!  Holy cow, we could live like kings here.  On our current salaries.  Even with the dollar being weaker than the Euro.



One Response to “When They Say Intensive, They Are Not Kidding”

  1. the donut June 1, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

    german geek says : tschuss or tschuB, but not tscuchs. you could get away with pronouncing it as chuss, as long as you pronounce the u properly, which it sounds like you probably do. I almost want to pronounce tscuchs as choooks.

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