I Never Thought I’d See: until I got to Berlin

12 Jun

I wish I could tell you I had done a ton of awesome stuff, but so far I mostly sit in bars on the river, drink wine and have absurdly cheap food with my new friends.

That isn’t entirely true.

Last Saturday, Casey and I went out to have a wander.  The first thing we did was go to a market at Kollwitzplatz.  It was lined with goodies, high end foodstuffs, and then we ran across a tapas buffet for 8 euro!  None of this is the interesting part, though.  So we went off to find another market, this one was at Treptower Art Centre. It was about 4000 sq meters of junk, junk junk.  One entire stall was remotes, another was old phones, some crappy ones, some nicer, from every decade, it seemed.  But the real gem was when we exited and rounded the corner and found this:

Yep, a pool in the Spree.  Here’s the info. Near Treptower, they have created a beach with a bar and a pool, right in the Spree.  The awesome thing is that they do it in winter, and they close it off like this:

Both Casey and I lamented that we had not brought along bathing suit to Berlin.  After all, who thinks we’ll find a pool in the city?  The rest of the day was more wandering, although around the corner from the pool we wandered into a boat bar where people looked like they’d been there since Thursday night.  Everyone was glassy eyed and obviously coked out of their gourd.  We wandered in and…right back out.

Sunday was pretty relaxed, until I ran across this place:

There was nothing there when I was there, just a crapton of graffiti – empty warehouses and graffiti.  Also, a mud brick oven.  At night, late at night, I think it becomes several bars and clubs.  Dirty bars and clubs.  Graffiti is a huge thing in Berlin.  Apparently, Berlin is some sort of UNESCO Design capital, so they tolerate graffiti more than most places and it seems as if Graffiti is much more…interesting than in NYC.  Anyway, here are a few crappy shots from my camera phone of the park:

Totally awesome and really weird.  This week I have tickets to see the ballet and Measure for Measure at the schaubuehne theatre.  Should be fascinating!


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