The Oozing of Inspiration

7 Jul

La Mama Umbria – this session anyway – is completely inspiring.  I mean, truly.

Ok, today (so far – I still have Neil and Marco to go).  We rehearse our site inspired work in our groups.  I love my group.  The process has been collaborative, easy – I thought that getting too many directors in a room would be clash of the Type A personalities.  No.  Not here.  Not with my group anyway.  We truly shared one big brain.  We just sat (yesterday) in the cafe watching people go by, observing the Piazza.  We had chats, wrote down some ideas.  We noticed this parking spot, directly in front of us, that no one could get into.  Cars were all too big, but every car sat, waited, watched, evaluated.  Some even tried to park, then decided against it. We decided that would be our inspiration and came up with a piece the theme of which was “Hesitancy” and then decided to make sure we added the old man we all saw the day before.  Anyway, the end result was a piece we were all quite proud of.  It worked, quite well.  But then, seeing what the other groups came up with – these incredible ideas, all very different but very evocative…I sound like an idiot right now.  My brain is a bit baked from the sun and the long days, but the group here is amazing.

So, Stephan had us present today – yesterday we observed and planned – and the four pieces were quite excellent.  Tomorrow we have new groups and a new site and we will actually be doing site specific work.

Yesterday, with Neil and Marco, some of us directed Marco’s scene for them.  Again, what a great experience!  Each take was very different (well, I had a similar idea to someone). For the record, my initial idea of doing his scene with a Tango I chose not to execute, because I don’t know how to Tango and neither did the actors.  I jumped up and presented my directed piece, which I was pleased with, but took in a completely expected way.  There were some awesome surprises and I wish I had thought longer – but I am not really sure I would have come to a different conclusion.  I simply must think outside the box.  I think I do think outside, when I actually choose text and plays – my aesthetic is surprising, but I don’t think outside the box when executing something given to me.  I have a narrower focus than I want.  Stephan always says to not be afraid of the cliche, and Neil agrees, but I still feel like an idiot when I do.

I think I will find great collaborators here.  This place is very inspiring.


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